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Lodge an Application

Discover how to lodge applications.

Create an account to lodge and manage applications with us in one convenient location. You can lodge applications for state significant development, state significant infrastructure, modifications to existing approvals and mining certificates.

Please note that from 1 July 2021, DA fees for all SSD applications, including modifications, will need to be paid before they can be considered lodged.

Getting Started

To get started you must first create an account. You'll also need to indicate your interest to lodge and manage applications when creating an account.  

Once you have created an account, simply login, select the application you would like to lodge from the Dashboard, and follow the prompts provided.  We will email you once we receive your application to let you know who to contact for more information. 

How to Lodge SSD/SSI How to Lodge a Modification

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Simply sign in by clicking the button in the top right hand corner and select the application you would like to initiate. 


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